Honestly, I hate to make things complicated

And for that reason alone I only offer very few packages. We have art to make. I'm able to create far more engaging photos when we remove the fluff. Everything I have to offer is listed below :)

Fashion Photography: This is pretty self explanitory. We'll work together to merge two of the most amazing mediums on the planet. Fashion & Photography. I'll send you a PDF detailing all availble services. 

Agencies please contact me directly via filmyandhoneyinquiry@gmail.com 

All shoots outside of the Las Vegas/ Los Angeles area require and additional travel fee. Services can either be booked as all film, all digital, or a hybrid of both. 

Elopement Photography:
I offer both elopement and micor-wedding photography.

This means 30 guest or less.

I know, don't hate me. Large groups just aren't my thing. My style is far more fitting with small intimate gatherings and elopements. 

Both elopements and micro weddings can be shot as a hybrid of digital and film. OR you can go crazy and add on a second shooter and we can go all out with film! 

 A film package will include a mixture of point and shoot, 35mm, and medium format. Don't worry we'll still be shooting digital backups, I'm not that wild  ;)

As it goes with my Fashion Photography all elopements and micro-weddings outside the Las Vegas / Los Angeles area will require an additional fee for travel. 

 & Micro weddings

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Gracias boo :)

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