These days I live among the mountains in the blossoming Mojave Desert. In the quaint little city of Las Vegas...maybe you've heard of it? I spend my days loading and unloading my 38,ooo film cameras :)

 Born and raised in Central and Northern Virginia, afforded the best of both worlds. Humility, the appreciation of family, and the simple things. While simultaneously culturing me and introducing me to the beauty of the arts. I had endless access to renowned architecture, world-class museums, and expansive libraries with Washington, D.C., as my backyard.

  How could I not have a love for the arts? As a storyteller, my obsession with indie cinema and art house films is heavily evident in my work. I love the grit, grace, and imperfection of humanity. The mix of realism, honesty, and vulnerability is a inspires me. These are forever my muse.

 In a very ethereal world that’s often hidden behind what meets the eye. I love to capture all the hidden wonder that sits in the mundane.

Hi, i'm quadaé
THe Little Artist...